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Computer Rental 

Rental some notebook, desktop for temporary use is available, week or month. 

Ideal for people or business to test out Linux 







PC and Mac

We repair notebook and desktop at a fair cost.  Our professionally trained technicians will always provide you with a quote.

Contact Info: 416-534-2222 or Email service@eused.ca

Service Menu

Computer Diagnostic $35
Computer Cleaning and Basic Diagnostic $35
CD Drive / DVD Drive / CDRW Drive Install $35
Software Install $35
Windows OS Install (additional $15 per drivers) $35
Ram Install $25
Hourly Labor Rate $50
Onsite Service Hourly Rate ( Min charge onsite service $35) $50
Home and Business Security Camera set up Call Us












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Order new Acer notebook 

Sign Up for DSL High Internet 5MB $29.99

 416-534-2222 Sales@EUsed.ca

Our price so good no need to think twice

Acer Benq Q-Ink LG Fujitsu